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Wilson NCAA Basketball EVO NXT Indoor Official Game Ball - size 7

Wilson NCAA EVO NXT Game Basketball - Size 7


The NCAA EVO NXT Game Basketball is designed to elevate your game with a range of innovative features. This basketball provides enhanced control, superior grip, and improved visual tracking, making it an excellent choice for both casual and competitive players.


Extended Range Tech

  • Optimally Balanced: This technology ensures a super soft core construction, generating more spin with less effort at any range.
  • Softer Touch: The basketball offers a softer touch around the rim, making shooting more effective.

Super Soft Core

  • Extra Cushioning: Allows for deeper finger placement into the surface, offering better control.
  • Enhanced Touch: The Super Soft Core adds a softer feel around the rim, improving shooting accuracy.

Updated Optics

  • Electric Orange Colour: The ball features a new, vibrant colour for better on-court visuals.

Moisture Management

  • Micro-Touch Cover: An extra layer of texture on the pebbled cover creates a double-layered grip, channeling away moisture for enhanced control.
  • Certifications

    • NFHS Approved: The ball is approved for play by the National Federation of State High School Associations.
    • NCAA Official: This is the official ball used in NCAA's March Madness tournament.


    • Direct Print: Offers high-visibility ink printed directly on the surface of the ball, not a sticker decal.


    • Size: Size 7 (29.5" Circumference)
    • Core Material: Super soft core construction
    • Cover Material: Micro-Touch cover with extra layer of texture
    • Colour: Electric Orange
    • Certifications: NFHS Approved, NCAA Official
    • Customization: Direct print, high-visibility ink

    Designed for players who are serious about their game, the NCAA EVO NXT Game Basketball provides an array of features to help you perform at your best.