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Topps Big League Baseball 2020 - 10 Cards Per Pack

Topps Big League Baseball 2020 - 10 Cards Per Pack

The Basics: The base set will consist of 300 cards with Orange parallels found one per pack and they'll be joined by Rainbow Foil (/100), Black & White (/50) and 1/1 Red Foil parallels. ... Insert sets will include Roll Call!, Ballpark Oddities, Flipping Out (celebrations), Defensive Wizards, Star Caricatures and 1/1 Star Caricature Originals artwork from Rich Molinelli (signed). The inserts will all be found one in four packs with autographed versions for three player-focused sets limited to just 25 copies. ... For ink, there will be Big League Autographs with Orange (/99) and 1/1 Red Foil parallels as well as Opening Act Autographs that will showcase rookies. ... The Super7 action figures will have paint jobs only found here in a package designed with a 1982 Topps touch to them. There also will be variants -- one in five boxes -- where the cardboard backers have an action photo.