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2019-20 SP Authentic Upper Deck Hockey Pack - 1 Pack / 5 Cards Per Pack

2019-20 SP Authentic Upper Deck Hockey Pack - 1 Pack / 5 Cards Per Pack

Product Details

 A popular Upper Deck release every NHL collecting season, 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey continues a storied tradition that boasts Future Watch rookie cards and various Sign of the Times autographs.

Each Hobby box averages at least two signed cards. This includes one Future Watch autograph.

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Base / Inserts

Getting underway, 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey collectors can add another 100-card SPA base set along with Limited Red parallels (1:6 packs). Subsets include Future Icons (#/199), with combos from each franchise, and Authentic Moments (1:7 packs), which highlights specific performances or accomplishments.

Other inserts consist of 1999-00 SP Essentials (1:8 packs) and Authentic Winners (1:30 packs).

The 100-card Spectrum FX set features subsets for Veterans (1:18) and Future Watch. The rookies are broken down into Level 1 (1:36 packs), Level 2 (1:90 packs) and Level 3 (1:360 packs).

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey also updates the flagship lineup. Building on the main set from Series 1 and Series 2, there are new UD Update base cards (1:8 packs), Young Guns (1:15 packs) and All-Star Highlights (1:13 packs). The update set offers Exclusives (#/100) and High Gloss (#/10) parallels, as well.

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Future Watch Rookies

Normally a crowd favorite, 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey is home to the long-running Future Watch rookie line. This includes unsigned Future Watch (#/999), Autographed Future Watch (#/999) and Future Watch Auto Patch (#/100) cards.

Going big on the 20-year anniversary, there are also 1999-00 Retro Future Watch inserts (#/249), plus 2009-10 Retro Future Watch Autographs (#/399) and 2009-10 Retro Future Watch Auto Patch (#/50) cards.

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Autographs

In addition to the Future Watch autographs, the 2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey checklist is filled with many other signed cards. The base set is enhanced with Authentic Moments Auto (1:1,200 packs), Limited Auto (1:90 packs) and Limited Auto Materials, which has Tier 1 (#/100), Tier 2 (#/50), Tier 3 (#/25) and Tier 4 (#/10) groupings.

Collectors can also be on the lookout for numbered 2009-10 Retro Rookie Review Auto Patch (#/25), Authentic Winners Autographs, Immortal Ink (#/10), Marks of Distinction (#/25) and SP Essentials Autographs cards.

And SP Authentic is never complete until you get to Sign of the Times. The revered SOTT insert assortment seems to increase every year, covering several eras and supplying a few different multi-signed cards. New choices can be found in Sign of the Times Draft for 25 NHL Draft moments.

On top of that, Sign of the Times Decades identifies stars from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Sign of the Times Autograph Breakdown

  • Sign of the Times Draft (1:540)
  • Sign of the Times Rookies - #/99
  • Sign of the Times 1980s (1:864)
  • Sign of the Times 1990s (1:864)
  • Sign of the Times 2000s (1:648)
  • 1999-00 Retro Sign of the Times (1:720)
  • 2009-10 Sign of the Times (1:36)
  • Sign of the Times 2 - #/25
  • Sign of the Times 3 - #/15
  • Sign of the Times 4 - #/10
  • Sign of the Times 6 - #/6
  • Sign of the Times 8 - #/5

2019-20 SP Authentic Spectrum FX Bounty Program

If you are looking for another challenge, the UD Bounty Program inspires collectors to quickly acquire the Spectrum FX set. The first 50 to complete the 99-card set earn the exclusive #100 card and the full Gold Bounty parallel (#/50).

Release Date: June 3, 2020
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 18 packs per box, 16 boxes per case (2 inners)

2019-20 SP Authentic Hockey Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Future Watch Autograph and 1 Additional Autograph
  • 1-2 Spectrum FX Cards
  • 3 Limited Base Red Parallels
  • 5 total from: Upper Deck Update (Base, Young Guns or All Star-Highlights)
  • 6 total from: Authentic Moments, Authentic Winners, or SP Essentials